What Programming Language to Start With First?

Programming, programming and programming. I wasn’t always thinking in code since infancy. It actually all started in college. C++ Programming for Engineers was the first programming course I took. There wasn’t any high expectations coming in the course because I honestly didn’t know what programming was.

In the first class session, I had to download CodeBlocks, an IDE which stands for “integrated development environment,” and my professor told me to type this code into the IDE:



Then, I ran it and it showed me this:



I think I freaked from excitement because I literally told a computer what to do. It was freaking magic and I wanted to be a master magician from there on out.



My first programming language was chosen for me. The same goes for many people when they first began to speak a language for the first time. For those who can’t decide on which language to begin with, ask yourself this, “What am I trying to achieve with programming?”

Are you trying to make apps (Android, iOS and desktop)? Who are you trying to design and make websites for? How can you get a job in software developing or engineering (like me)?

To be honest, there is a beaucoup amount of languages out there and it can get overwhelming. On the other hand, once you learn one you pretty much you know the basis for all of them. What do I mean by this?

C++ is an object-oriented programming language. What? What?! (don’t worry about that nasty word I just said) Object-oriented is a principle a lot of programming languages use today to make programming easier for the coders or programmers. It is a programming language model organized around objects rather than “actions” and data rather than logic.

Thus, when you have to learn another language that is object-oriented, the only thing you have to do is pick up the syntax and structure of the language. All languages have their syntax and structure you have to follow in order for it to work properly so the machines can understand what you are saying.

So, my recommendation for a language to start off with is pretty simple. Actually no it’s not, I am stuck between the two. Of course, I got to choose C++ and the other one is Java. C++ and Java are in the top 4 programming languages for 2016 according to (Link 2). Coming soon will be two posts discussing what are the advantages, as well as disadvantages, of the two programming languages.



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