Buying a Domain Name

The first step on building a website is buying a domain name. What is a domain name? According to Wikipedia, it is a identification string that defines a realm of administrative authority within the Internet. To put it simply, it is an address to a website’s resources. Domain name gives access to resources across the Internet to personal computers.

Before domain names, you had to type in the web browser to gain access to a website. This string of numbers represents an IP (Internel Protocol) address. Because numbers are hard to remember, DNS (Domain Name System) came along and changed all of that. DNS are the rules and procedures domain names follow across the internet so you can gain access to websites. DNS connects your domain name,, to an special IP address on a server,, so everybody can gain access to your resources, webpages, website, etc.

So now we know what is a domain name, how do we get one? We will go over the TWO STEPS to buying our first domain name. Click this link to to follow the steps in this blog post. You can also click the banner and use the coupon code here:

Step 1:

First, we will need to go to a domain registration site. This is where you will register and purchase your domain name. For sake of simplicity, we will use HostGator to register and purchase our domain name. At the homepage of HostGator, click the “Domain” tab on the menu bar.

This is the homepage of

Next, we need to see if your domain name is available. Type in the search bar and click the “Search” button.

Enter your desired domain name in the search bar; for example, could be one of them

If our domain name is unavailable, find an alternative name that will best represent our site. is unavailable…that sucks!!

Step 2:

At this point, we will determine any additional services we need for our domain name. These additional services can be added on later so there’s NO NEED to purchase them now. If we don’t have an account with HostGator already, create one on this page.

Create your HostGator account here or login if you already have an account with HostGator

Lastly, we will need to enter credit card information and billing address to purchase our domain name. We can also use our PayPal info to complete payment transactions. After the information is entered, click the “Continue to Checkout” button.

Enter your billing and credit card information here

Finally, we brought our domain name. A purchase summary page will come up. After purchasing our domain, we will need to purchase web hosting next. This will be discuss in the next blog post.


We have brought our domain. The next step for making a website is to get web hosting for our domain.


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