Nothing is given to us other than life when we are born. As I grow up in my environment, it didn’t provide anything until I seek out for it. I grew up in knowing I wanted the extraordinary but I didn’t know where to go to find it; neither the resources nor the guidance was there for me when I was younger to find what I envision for. I consumed the information around me but I didn’t know how this information was created. I knew it had come from somewhere, so I began to take my RC cars apart seeing what they were made of. My curiosity blossomed. Technology was always fascinating for me but I couldn’t find that in outdated encyclopedia books my folks had in the back of a dusted closet.

It wasn’t until I attended a university and pursued a major highly dealing with mathematics, engineering I thought. Engineering encompass the things I’ve been taken apart and fixing when I was younger so I thought it wasn’t too far off. Not only did I do engineering, I focus on the mechanical engineering. It is a major that amalgamates all engineering practices and theories in various engineering fields. By pursuing this path, I will touch a little of civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and so on. I did my two years in the university before I touch some core mechanical engineering courses in my third year. I love it!

Even though I love it, there was still something empty in my search of knowledge; how did those RC cars work was in the back of my mind. It wasn’t until in my third year of the university I registered for a programming class called C++ programming. It was a prerequisite to take majority of the upper undergraduate courses for mechanical engineering, so I took it. I remember downloading the free IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called CodeBlocks. I remember receiving my first assignment to print the phrase “Hello, World!” to the computer screen. I remember looking at the line of code and thinking, “I am telling what the computer to do….this is so damn cool!”. Later on down the years in my fourth year of the university, I registered for Control of Mechanical Engineering Systems Theory and Control of Dynamic Systems Lab. I fell out (this is what I was looking for my whole life).

I realized three things since then. First, I should have done a dual degree in computer and electrical engineering because this is where I should have focused my energy on during my undergraduate career. Second, the education and resources are available for these fields without having to attend a higher education institution. Finally, I can do anything if I set my mind to it (the same thing applies to everyone).

The goal of this blog site will provide the things I didn’t receive when I was younger which are the guidance and the resources to become the tech savvy individual you want to be. I will touch on topics dealing with software, electronics and mechanical applications. The software section will discuss developing Android, iOS, desktop and web applications. The electronic section will discuss fabricating your own electronic devices. The mechanical section will discuss designing and building anything mechanical (go carts, airfoils for surf boards, potato launchers, etc.).

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